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You don’t need understand to believe!


Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, will receive the crown of life which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.

James 1:12

Dears, Grace and peace! My prayer is that this paper is as a balsam for your heart and God by his infinite mercy will be renewing their forces.

Its crazy what the apostle James writes in his letter, in full century XXI the era of technology, post-modernity, prosperity theology, to hear someone say that we should be happy to go through many trials? You’re thinking: The James said this because he was the brother of Jesus and did not know what trouble was, if he knew would not have spoken this way.

The problem is that today a new idea has been preached: People who live in trouble is because of his sin. Therefore are criticized, and nobody is happy when in this “proof”. But that’s not what the apostle James teaches us! He tells us in his book that God tests us not because He is evil and want to see our suffering over Rather, God tests us to improve our character, part of the process of sanctification and spiritual growth.

As I mentioned previously the message preached in many pulpits, is win and blessing, little is said about of the blessedness going through trials. In this context hardly the servants of God can understand the simple reason of not being teaching, in fact what happens is that we complain God of abandonment and neglect, and deluded by a false gospel are invited to weaken spiritually.

The greatest miracles of God were operated in time of scarcity and difficulty! Only live a great miracle who needs one. It’s difficult to talk to a person that is suffering be happy, but with all the love and love I bring this message of God to your heart: Jesus answered and said unto him, What I do thou knowest not now, but thou shalt know then John 13:7. God is working on his character and helping you improve in many areas of their life, this process is not easy, it’s painful sometimes, but it’s gratifying that ends when we are ready for doing the will of God and enjoy its blessings .

Never forget it, God is in control of the whole world in his hands, nothing happens without his consent, it means that where it’s not his will, the will of God is permissive. Something beautiful for God is that He will never give you proof that you can not bear, He’s merciful

Need to keep in mind that it’s necessary to go through this process, if not move on to suffer from this evil and spiritual paralysis will affect all our lives, you aren’t the only one experiencing difficulties in their trajectory there are thousands of people in your same situation.

Now exists something beautiful and I want to share with you, we have a priest who knows what we go through and understand our tears, our weaknesses and when we think about giving up! Exactly why He became man precisely for this reason, we understand, His name is Jesus, He is the right of the father interceding for you and in time will have full assurance that bail. Hang in moments of solitude It is your companion, the hardest day of his life he was there present, did nothing for you to understand that it is better to obey than to sacrifice. Even without understanding worship God and call upon the Lord Jesus, He is able to help you change your luck and more until this happens, thank Him for the struggles and victories that you’ve been through.

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