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The Avengers – Alone we are good, together we are unbeatable

“The Avengers”, when an unexpected enemy emerges threatening global security, Nick Fury, director of international peacekeeping agency known as SHIELD, recruited a team to rid the world from possible destruction, and with that he meets Iron Man ( Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and others.


Since I already want to say that the movie is very good and deserves BIS! It is impossible to even watch the movie and not see the 2nd time that the 1st you are dazzled by the quality and perfection of the film.This article does not want to get itself in the story of the movie that you need to watch the director managed to pull off the story of the comic and make it a reality on screen, while respecting each character and its origins, the film has humor, action, epic battles, technology, fiction, all in full measure.Something is visible in the film when all the characters “meet” to be called ridding the world of the hands of your worst nightmare (Loki) who is willing to subject the human race to its domination and thereby establish his reign.


When all are facing each other the problem is to make each work together as a team. It is customary among humans see a real war to see who is the biggest or the best, and this comic is no different! It is worth mentioning that all the characters had a role and everyone has a special ability that the other had not looked at in this light we see that the main goal is to one side “save the world” and becomes the superhero which will be the SUPER HERO? For every good comic highlight is the villain and the hero, in the course of the film takes place a few facts that causes this problem is resolved, is when they realize that they alone are good, but together they are unbeatable.I know exactly who besides being a movie, is based on a story, the more this question of teamwork really called my attention.


Even after the fight with Thor Iron Man and Hulk beat the Black Widow, there comes a time in the film that everyone is united with a single purpose of destroying the evil plan of Loki and save the human race.Ever wonder how long we lost fighting for positions, social status and material goods? When we could be together focused on a single goal, to establish equality, justice, solidarity, creating a better world for future generations.Leave aside the differences and intrigues of the hands and thus annihilate the evil of drugs, prostitution and pedophilia.


Simple things that are generating the most chaos in society, precisely because of lack of love for others, respect, and the principal: teamwork.The Avengers have set aside their differences and personal interests and together they fought to the end to give the world a new hope. At the end each will take a different course, more is the feeling of accomplishment, selfishness is an evil that is destroying various spheres of society, and individualism will not take you anywhere! And though conseguaachieve all your goals will realize that just arrived, and will not have anyone to turn that love of truth.





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